Thinking of paving your property? Paving is a great way to give your garden a natural or modern look, this, of course, does depend on the look your after. Not only that its a practical way to create an outdoor living area or a safe way to get you from one point to another. 

But before you go ahead and start paving all over the place it’s important to actually know what your outcome is. What are you trying to achieve? Of course, depending on the area your paving will have an impact on a few variables. 

There are other things you’ll have in your mind, colours, costs and style. All important and relevant points to consider.


What’s The Area?


Where or what are you going to pave. Are you building a patio, a walkway or a driveway? Depending on the area will depend on the types of pavers you will choose. A driveway will have different paver than a path will and vice-versa. Or maybe it’s a pool area you need paving, again that will require a different paver altogether. It’s always important to know all this beforehand. And yes we can advise you on all this when you get a free quote.


Colours and style


Although this doesn’t have a bearing on the impact of the paver. It does have an impact on the overall look of the area your paving. Who wants an ugly looking outdoor area. The look is everything, and it can have an impact on the sale and value of a property as well. You, of course, want the pavers to blend in with the overall style of your property.

There’s no point in opting for a rustic older type looking paver if you’re in a modern state of the art home. But this isn’t something I need to tell you. So the colour and style play a massive part in the decision-making process, again this is something we can advise you on if needed.


Type of pavers


You can look at this in two ways. The type of paver can come back to the style, size material and colour of the paver. Or you can view this as I do in the type of paver needed to match the area in question. If you’re looking to pave a driveway, for example, you’ll need a thicker and stronger paver than you would for a path or something similar. The heavier the traffic the stronger the paver needed. I’m sure it makes sense. 

Another factor is the surface of the paver. This is especially important for either a pool area of an area that has a lot of foot traffic, you want to make sure it’s not too slippery when it rains. I’ve heard of too many stories where the wrong type of paver was used. 

Even though all this information might make sense it’s important to make this known as it can easily be overlooked. Knowing the outcome before you start the job can and will make things a lot easier in the long run.

If you’re looking at hiring a professional Adelaide paving company that will offer you the right advice and quality service you’d expect in a paving company please give us a call. We’d be glad to help you.