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Porour Paving Adelaide

When it comes to porous paving, we believe we have you covered. Porous paving is the go to paving if you are looking for creating an area that can withstand heavy load carrying. They are also a water permeable paving surface. These porous pavers install very well with the connecting surrounding area. They are a popular paver as they prevent puddles, even after a heavy downpour.

We are very well trained in installing these types of pavers. They work well as they integrate effortlessly with any other pavers you might have in the area. Allowing you to create a smooth finish that won’t have anyone coming guts up. These pavers are highly permeable and the great thing is they are wheelchair friendly. Meaning they are a great fit for a commercial or public area.

The biggest benefit to these types of pavers is the drainage. Allowing our clients to use this paver in a number of varied situations. We have a wide range available, allowing us to create various paving finishes.

Below are some of the benefits that you can expect when using porous pavers

  • Quick installation
  • Integrate into other paving areas
  • The don’t accumulate water
  • Wheelchair friendly

And as we have already stated they are very versatile.

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