When it comes to choosing the right pavers for around a swimming pool, you’ll obviously want a paver that both enhances the look of the pool area as well as improving the functional aspect of the area as well. 

Choosing the right pool paver it pretty important. You want it to be able to withstand a lot. Salt, chlorine and other different chemicals will all be exposed to your pavers at some point.

A good quality pool paver will never get too hot or be too slippery to walk on. Two very important factors. As well as that the look is just as important. The ideal pavers around your pool will blend in well with the surrounding landscape area either within or around the pool.

There are some important factors that you’ll need to think about when choosing your pavers. This is something we can help with if needed.

The Key Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Pool Pavers


These days there’s more to designing a pool area than just simply choosing random pavers and away you go. There’s a bit more to it than that. There’s a thing called design style. And there are a few variations. Having said that the design plays a massive part but there are also other factors to think about.

Let’s take a look at the key factors in the selection process. The first one won’t be a surprise.


This is something you want to get right. The biggest issue most of us come across is the selection process. There’s a heap of choices. 

Things to think about. The style and colour combination of your house. The garden elements, Are you going for a more of s rustic finish or a modern look. Is there timber involved. What colours are you looking at? The size of the pavers is also something to consider. 

At the end of the day, a colour that blends in well with the surroundings will work. And again this is something we can help you with is you need help in this area. Designing or choosing a style and colour will be the biggest challenge.  


The Durability

The area surrounding a pool can be harsh on pavers, this is due to the exposure of salts, chlorine and other chemicals that are used, as well as it’s usually a high traffic area. Lots of running and at times pool equipment being moved around and sat on.

So this is where durability is very important. Nowadays pool pavers are very durable anyway so you won’t need to make sure you get the right ones. Mention pool pavers and you’ll be all good, we know the type you need.

The Cost

Another pretty important factor in any paver selection. Like anything, your budget should be planned out before you begin your selection process. This way you know what’s within your budget and there will be no guesswork or wondering if you can or cannot afford the pavers you want. 


To give you an example, stone pavers are a very cost effection option, plus they’re also very durable, low maintenance and the lifespan is quite long. And is often found to have less upkeep than other pavers. Pretty handy. 

The Finish

When we refer to the finish, I’m talking about the all-important non-slip factor. And this should be a top priority. Again this will be something we will discuss on selection, So don’t be too concerned if you’re not sure. That’s our job, We’ll be only offering the type of pavers that are non-slip. 

The Heat Factor

Yes, some pavers will get hotter than others when exposed to the sun. And that’s the last thing you want. With anything you leave exposed to the sun, it will eventually get hot, and some pavers are no exception. When looking into this you’ll want to select a lighter and denser paver. Again something we can advise on.


Natural stones are porous and it’s vital for you to use the right sealer for your pool pavers to not only offer protection but you want them to last, especially when you’re exposing then to chemicals. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this, It’s the joys of having a pool.

If the sealer isn’t applied correctly they will suffer and the lifespan will decrease dramatically. I’m sure you can see the importance of using it. Again this is something we can talk about.


The Most Popular Pool Paving Options

Now that we have taken a look at all the key factors involved with choosing pavers for around swimming pools. Let’s now look at the most popular types of pavers 

These pavers are all suitable for use around a pool area. There will no doubt be a paver that will suit the style and design your after. And they are the most popular of the pick.


This is a popular pool paver, mainly for its durability and its classic look. The stone features a light and warm look, suitable for both interior and exterior finishes. It looks amazing alongside the water.



Not for everyone, but bluestone is one of the high performers when it comes to pool pavers. It’s extremely dense which is good for this type of paved area. It’s offered in a number of styles from a tile look to a cobblestone look.

It offers a solid non-slip textured finish which is ideal for around the pool.



Limestone pavers are a great option for any pool. Mainly because of its wide range of colours and texture options. From its cool greys right through to its warm beige colours, this stone pavers offers a look of sophistication to any outdoor area.



Not the first choice many would think of but granate is also another solid non-slip option, offering a grey palette with an elegant look that works well with any contemporary or classic outdoor finish.


So that’s it. That’s our summary and key points regarding what we feel to be the best pavers around swimming pools. Hopefully, you have got some great ideas on what’s possible around the pool area. please feel free to get in touch with us if your looking at pool pavers or pool coping.

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