In a way, your driveway is like the centrepiece of your property. It’s something that’s always noticed, good or bad. So when it comes time to either build or renovation your driveway you want to make sure it’s looking good.

There’s a number of materials you can use to build your driveway, and one of them is pavers. Driveway pavers are a great way to make your property stand out and make your property look classy, stylish and unique to your property. You could go for a cement or gravel driveway, both looking ok. But if you really want to make a statement, paving your driveway is the way to go for sure. If you’re after a cost-effective option, gravel might be the way to go, but if you’re after quality and looks, I can highly recommend pavers. Let’s take a look at why paving your driveway can be a much better option.

Pavers Really Do Look Alot Better

Whatever pavers you decide to use, concrete, natural stone, interlock style or even brick. The great thing for you is the number of options in terms of design and colour you have. There will be something that will match the style of your home to make your driveway stand out giving you the street appeal your after.


Pavers Are A Long Lasting Option

I’ll make the assumption your pavers are installed properly. If you hire us to pave your driveway we can guarantee that won’t be the case. Well installed pavers can last anywhere up to 40 plus years. Comparing that to a concrete driveway, you can expect that to crack over time. They last a while as well, but not as long.

Single slab driveways can crack due to ongoing heavy loads, extreme weather conditions, shifting ground, and other factors. Stone or concrete pavers combine strength with flexibility, making them much better at handling these sorts of conditions.

Pavers Are Easy To Repair

A huge benefit to using pavers for your driveway is the ease of repairing them. The repairs will generally be pretty cheap to fix, as the issues might just be a few pavers which you can easily remove and replace. Not the case with a cement driveway.

Pavers Can Be A DIY Job

Depending on the size and your experience, you can give your driveway a crack yourself. Although it’s not a job you want to get wrong as the consequences can be high. Remember your pavers will be handling ongoing heavy loads so you need to make sure you get it right. If you not confident, our team of paving Adelaide experts are here to help. We have years of experience in paving Adelaide driveways, so we know what we are doing. You might be surprised by how cost-effective paving a driveway can be. So give us a call.

Negatives To Paving A Driveway

Well, to be honest, there’s not too many, but there’s a couple of things to consider.

More Up-Front Costs

And that’s to be expected. There’s a little bit more that goes into creating and laying pavers as opposed to concrete or gravel, so the upfront costs will be higher, But I’m sure you’re very aware and understand this. However, when you think of the long term value you getting, It probably levels out.

If you’re looking for a professional paving Adelaide company to create a driveway you can be proud of, please get in touch with us and let out paving team bring your idea into reality.

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