When it comes to designing any outdoor area, whether it’s for a path, driveway or patio area, it’s often the first thought that comes to your mind. Should I use concrete or pavers? They both offer something different from each other. 

As I’m sure you’ll work out, we always recommend pavers. And I’ll explain why. That’s not to say concrete is a no go, but you can do so much more with pavers that will add that little extra versatility to your property. So let’s take a look.


The biggest benefit as I’ve said is the customisation you can do with pavers. You have so many options with pavers that the only limitation can be your imagination. While concrete has come a long way and you do have many options with regards to colours and styles, at the end of the day you still have a slab. 

In saying that you do have the option of concrete pavers. And that’s where the flexibility comes into play.



Cost Effective Pavers

Often budget comes into play. And this is where pavers play an important role. Pavers are a very cost effective option for anyone looking into pavers and or concrete slab.

You can’t really fake pavers and their biggest benefit is the visual appeal they bring to the table. Landscaping can be a big investment, and you want to be adding value to your home when you can. And a quality product like paving will without a doubt done the right way add value to any property. If we are talking about paving the front of your property this is where a unique character or design can play a role. And there’s no better way than with pavers.


The versatility of pavers allows a greater variety of architectural styles such as the more traditional heritage look and even modern contemporary style.


When you’re talking about pavers for areas like a path or a unique area around your yard, with pavers you can be as creative as you want. The range of colours, sizes and shapes and endless with pavers, so you can go to town with your designs and what’s possible. Hard to do with concrete.



This is always going to be a playing factor when comparing the two. Durable pavers are low maintenance and last a lifetime. In some of the European countries, there are pavers that have been around for thousands of years.

The big issue with concrete slabs, even if they are reinforced will eventually crack and need repairing, which of course can look a little ugly, or in some cases need replacing altogether. 

However, if a single paver becomes damaged, it’s simply a matter of replacing the paver and your good to go.

Usability Factor

Not really an issue but it good to know. When a concrete slab is poured you cannot use it straight away. It needs to cure for at least a few days, depending on weather conditions.

Whereas pavers, yep that’s right. You can start to use them as soon as they are laid. Not really a decision breaker Just handy to know. 

As you can see there are a few differences between concrete and pavers. Having said that whatever you feel to be the best choice for you is fine. It’s handy to know the differences with the two, especially if your thinking longterm.

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