As I said above it’s important to work out the purpose of your yard. This will be different if you have a blank canvas as opposed to having a well-established yard. You will have certain limitation with a yard already established. And on the other hand, you can pretty much do what you want with a new property. Differences in the two. A new yard might cost you more as there’s nothing there. They both have their advantages.

It’s like anything. To get the outcome you want, you need to do some planning, and a backyard is no different. Think about what you really want. What’s your outcome. Do you need an outdoor area? An area for the kids, a nice garden area. All these things depend on your budget and what you want to achieve. Knowing how you want to use the landscape will help you decide how to landscape and renovate your backyard.


Paving is an ideal way to create a very functional area within your backyard. Paving a section of your property would usually be in the form of a patio area, especially if you’re wanting to create an entertaining area.

Creating a patio area has a number of benefits, It’s like an extension of your house. If your in need of a professional Adelaide paving company we can certainly help you out. We have years of experience in creating the perfect paved patio area around your house. We offer free quotes on all our work, give us a call.

Another paved idea for your yard would be a section away from your home, something like a fire pit area or an area away from the home to relax and chill. At the end of the day, you have a number of paving options to create the ideal yard for you.

Forget Flat Areas

Another way to create a naturally landscaped area within your yard is with natural sloping section. Most people will level out the area and add a lawn. Now not that that is a bad idea, and if that’s what you want to do go for it, But by using the natural slopes within your yard you can create natural valleys and undulation around your property that will act as natural water catchments. With the use of plant, you can create a natural wonderland, especially for the kids. This also takes away the use of lawn maintenance. And again this is not always an option. At least you get an idea or two


Choose Your Pathways

Pathways can be used in a number of natural ways to create different areas and section within your yard. A well planned out path can create a special mood or feel within your yard. For example. A large path is just a path we take to get to a destination. On the other hand, a small narrow winding path with overhanging trees adds character and mystique to the small journey. And because it’s only a small path it allows you to leave that natural setting intact.

When creating a path think about what you want to achieve. You have a number of options that will give you the results you want. If you’re going for the narrow setting, you can use large pavers that are placed carefully throughout the walkway to give you that natural feel. Or you can use smaller ones to create an ongoing path. The choice is yours.

Choose Your Steps

Another way to create a natural setting if you have a sloping yard is through the use of steps. Again like the narrow pathway, steps can create a real natural feel to your property, especially if they are leading into a well-established area. Again to create natural looking steps you can use a number of different types of pavers, And again this is something we can definitely help you with if you with.

So as you can see, if your after a natural looking garden area that has all the natural slopes and features you want, you have a number of options you can take to get your desired results.

If you looking for a professional paving Adelaide team for any paving work. remember we offer free quotes on all our work. So please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you create your natural backyard masterpiece.