This is an often asked question. Do i need to seal my pavers? Yes or no. And the simple answer is no you don’t need to add a sealant to your pavers, but, yes there’s a but. We always mention it’s not needed for any structural or performance reasons, the reason we recommend it is for the protection and investment of your pavers. You want to maximize your investment to last as long as they can. And for that reason, that’s why we recommend sealing your pavers.

So having said that. Let’s take a look into why we recommend sealing your pavers.



Stains are a pain. That’s why stains are a great reason to invest that little bit extra in sealing. There’s nothing worse than trying to get out a stain. A great example of this is driveway pavers. Cars are well known to leak oil and leave stains. BBQ fats and oils are another example of where stains can occur. 

Adding a sealant to your pavers allows you to maintain and clean your pavers with a lot less effort than without the sealant. 

Let’s look at it this way. Treat sealing your pavers like insurance. If something goes wrong it’s a pretty straight forward fix up. Without insurance it’s a mess. Sealing your pavers in my eyes are a pretty similar process. 


Let’s Look At The Benefits Of Sealing Your Pavers.

  • A sealant makes the cleaning process faster and easier.
  • In the long run sealing your pavers will be cheaper than cleaning products
  • Helps to protect your investment for the long-term
  • A good sealant will protect your pavers from the harsh elements
  • Helps to prevent perminante staining 
  • Cut’s down on the likelihood of weeds
  • It can enhance the appearance 


What’s The Best Sealer?

You may or may not know, there’s a number of sealing products on the market today. We as paving experts know what’s the best options for each type of pavers and the areas where the pavers are. I feel It’s important for you to learn about them if your interested that is. Or you can just leave it us to us. Let’s take a look at the different options available for your pavers. 

We’ll break it down to two types. You have penetrating sealers and the wet look sealer. There pretty self explanatory but I’ll break it down for you so you have a better idea.

As a general rule, penetrating sealers are designed to seal the paved area and create a water repellent coating. This coating doesn’t change the appearance or the colour of the paved area. 

On the other hand the wet sealers will alter the colour and the look of the paved area. It gives the impression the pavers are wet and that’s the look these sealers are going after. It can enhance the original colour of the pavers. At the end of the day it comes down to a personal choice.

Sealers also have another very important feature. slip resistance factors. Of course depending on where your paving, let’s say for example, a pool area, You’d want to make sure the sealer comes with a non-slip ingredient. Not all sealers have this so It’s important to speak to a professional. That being us, we’d recommend the right sealer for the right job. And that’s what we’d do throughout the quoting process. Give you the options on both and compare the differences. 

If your looking at paving an area of your property and you need a professional paving Adelaide team to get the job done on time and within your budget, please give us a call.