Adelaide is a place of character, hence the conversations on bluestone pavers. These pavers are a great option if you’re looking at options for your Adelaide property. 

Bluestone is a natural stone that offers a lot of benefits and is an ideal option if you’re looking for that versatile type paver. They’re excellent for any project. Commercial or residential, large or small. You only have to take a look around the Adelaide area to see they are a popular option.

Obviously, they come with many benefits. Durability and hard-wearing qualities that come in many sizes, as well as offering a cost effective solution for any budget-conscious landscaper.

They work well with the classic or modern look and that’s what makes these pavers a great option. Some pavers only work well with a classic look while others look the part with a modern look. Bluestone looks great with both, making it an ideal look for any Adelaide home.


Sealing Your Pavers

Because all-natural pavers are porous, using a sealer would be highly recommended, as they might be vulnerable to stains, and that would be the last thing you would want. 

By using a good sealer that penetrates into the stone you’ll cover yourself against spills and possible stains.



Bluestone pavers are a high-density paver allowing it to naturally withstand harsh weather conditions.


Safety is important, especially with kids around. Bluestone offers anti-slip pavers making them ideal for anywhere where water might be. Pools, pathways and driveways are the obvious areas.


Areas Where Bluestone Could Be Used.

Bluestone pavers can be used for pretty much any area you wish. Below would be the most common areas. Think of bluestone for your:

  • Walkways
  • Sidewalks
  • Garden Paths
  • Stepping Stones
  • Feature walls
  • Patio
  • Driveways

Bluestone is an excellent choice. We have years of experience in using bluestone pavers for a number of landscaping projects throughout the Adelaide area. If you’re looking for a professional Adelaide paving company for your next project, please get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.