Adelaide Paving Options For Your Outdoor Living Area

Selecting The Best Paver For Your Outdoor Area

There’s one thing you can do to your Adelaide outdoor area that will make a real difference to how you use your garden, and how it looks. And that difference is paving. Using pavers to create a livable outdoor area in your garden or around your house can really give your residential property that wow factor.

Here’s the thing. If your not sure on what style of paver you should use for the area you are choosing to design, It’s going to be a challenging time for you. As you know this is a big decision as the style will stick. So It’s important to understand what are the best types of pavers to use.

So in this article We are going to try and give you the information you need to make the right choice. What I will say is. You can cut down the process by talking to a paving expert, and get them to do the job. Like us. Hint hint. But in saying that I also wanted to help those who are going to give it a crack themselves.


Things to consider when choosing your pavers for your landscaping project


Ok so let’s get into it. So of course there are things to consider when choosing your pavers. And the biggest of those choices will be the style of landscape or area you will be going for.

Let’s look at an example. If it’s a modern look your after, usually a larger paver will be what you’re looking for. Or if your after a more natural look, something like a natural stone paver would be ideal. Another look would be to go for the classic brick.

Then it comes to the colours of the pavers. Sounds confusing, doesn’t it. Well let’s look at it this way. Take a look at your house. What colour is the house. Is it a modern house or more of an older style of house. If you can match the pavers with the type of house you have and the colours, your well on your way.

Now once that’s ticked off, you now need to consider your budget. You can go either way here. Some pavers can be very cost effective while others can get quite expensive. Your budget can often determine what type of pavers you get. But there can be ways around this if your thinking a little creative. If your looking for more of a rustic look. The secondhand option might be a option for you, depending on what’s around of course. But this is not the case for most of us, as most of us will want to go down the new route. Fair call.

If your going to do this yourself, the biggest thing here will be a savings on labour. Then you might be able to go for a better paver.


Paving Choices For Your Landscape Design


Choices, choices. You have plenty of options. However, the paver you choice does depend on what your doing. So below I’ll go through a few options for you.


Concrete Paving. Concrete pavers are the go to when you want an economical but versatile paver. These pavers come in a number of colours and sizes. You have plenty of options with this type of paver.


Permeable Paving. If your looking for an environmental friendly paver. This might be your option. These pavers allow water to flow through each paver into the ground. Reducing the chance of puddles.


Clay Pavers. Once again clay paving is a good option if your on a budget. They come in a huge range of colours. You have a few style options with the clay paver.


Brick Pavers. Again very cost efficient. If your after a classic look maybe a brick paver is a good option for you. You can often pick up bricks second hand. Something to consider.


Natural Stone Pavers. For top of the range class and modern style. Natural stone is where to go. These can be the most expensive option but will last for a while if looked after.


So as you can see there are a range of options to choose from. Ok, if your looking for an expert paver in Adelaide, someone who can offer you a professional and affordable service we are who you are looking for. If your after a quality paving Adelaide service, please get in touch to arrange a time to give you a quote. We’d love to help you create your dream outdoor paving area.